Jehki Okole

HI, my name is Jehki and I am a first year biomedical student at Wits. As much as I am an academic I am a very social person who enjoys spending time with my friends whether it be a cute lunch or a heated social debate. A big part that used to be in my life (covid ruined my plans) was Touch Rugby, it is a sport I have been involved in for +- 5 years and have represented my province and in a Youth World Cup squad on the way to represent my country. I would say that the one thing I really enjoy is networking with people and have quite some experience as I am an Avon business owner and enjoy watching and guiding other people on growing themselves. On weekends if I am not doing school work, business work or fulfilling any other responsibilities you would most likely find me socialising with friends or taking some time to focus on myself and my mental state; whether it be some Netflix or a detox day. I am quite a fan of varsity vibe and use it so often thus I feel I would be great at promoting the business when I have had nothing but a pleasing experience. I love networking so going out onto social media or meeting up with people is something I enjoy and would embrace. I think the one aspect which makes me unique is I am extremely competitive and a perfectionist thus when I set my mind to get something done I want to do the best and won’t give up when things aren’t looking promising and have learned the power of perseverance, passion and patience.
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  • University: WITS
  • Res: The Wits Junction