Mojoyin Abolarin

I’m in love with design, more specifically the design of houses and other structures so I spend a lot of my time looking at the way things were built and how aesthetically pleasing they are. My favorite sports would have to be netball and hockey, I love keeping active and I enjoy team activities. On the weekends, I’m usually finding ways to keep myself busy and that can be in any way possible from walking my dogs, cleaning my room, finding new hair treatments or working on my makeup skills. I’m not a big reader of books nor am I a movies/series type of person. I believe I’m very approachable and I radiate vibrant energy which helps me attract it too. I’m usually described as cool, calm and collected which is true but I’m always down to do something adventurous. I love traveling because of the knowledge and experiences I gain. It’s probably why I love interacting with people too because I always find out about something I never knew before.
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  • University: UCT
  • Res: Roscommon House