Osiame Lenoge

I have a passion for fashion, music, and visual art. As a hobby I incorporate my passion for fashion, music and visual arts and create content on my YouTube Channel which is called “Bits With Usi” https://youtu.be/tbSpeSiQ6cE I’m opening to watch any type of sport besides crickets because it’s so long, however my top 3 sports I enjoy watching are: soccer, tennis and track. I also enjoy playing netball. I’m social butterfly 🦋 I enjoying socializing with other people and spending time with friends during the weekend. What makes me unique is that I embody what varsity vibes is, how you might ask well I believe as a person you don’t have to break your budget in order to get what you desire, I believe that you can look like a million bucks yet you are on a budget.
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  • University: UWC