In December 2021, our very first VV Student Spend
Survey had 5,854 students share their experiences and opinions with us. We asked our Varsity Vibe members about their student experience with the aim to gain insight on the widespread financial concerns and issues that students face.  

Insights gained:

  • Are you students worried about money (and how does this affect them)?
  • Are students budgeting properly?
  • Where are students spending their money?
  • Where are students earning their money?
  • How many students are getting financial aid?
  • Life after graduation – their concerns
  • How much are students expecting to earn after graduation?
  • How much do students know about their uni fees?
  • Is uni worth it?

See the report here –  Full 2021 VV Student Spend Report

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Press release: Do students really value tertiary education

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