Ashleigh Mabaire

I am a confident outgoing young lady with a tremendous zest for life. I like to cook and bake, model, dance (specifically contemporary) , and play sport ( I play hockey and squash). I also like to learn new things and I am very intrigued by the world of I.T.. I do not like disorder (neat freak vibes). I am a very social person. I am a good public speaker (I am well-spoken and know how to communicate my opinions clearly in a respectful way) What makes me unique is that I am an all rounder. I love to participate in a variety of activities and because I am dedicated and determined, I always give my all. I am able to thrive in whatever environment I am in. I am reliable and responsible and I tackle new challenges with energy and enthusiasm.
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  • University: UJ
  • Res: Sophiatown