Chantel Shabangu

As much as I am a bookworm I love movies and the theatre, be it plays or comedy, I am drawn to art in every form. I spend most of free time outside my studies watching movies, reading a book I’ve been dying to get my hands on, trying out an adventure I’ve marked on my yearly bucket list on adventures to try out. 2020 unfortunately robbed my of my skydiving to do adventure however I am still young and energetic and believe that I can still fulfil these promises to myself. I love debating about socioeconomic and political issues with my friends, family and school mates, I believe as young people we need to always have meaningful conversations to broaden our knowledge, understanding and unlock a sense of interest in current affairs that affect our lives and those of the communities we were brought up. I spend a significant amount of time at church, being brought up with religious values. Besides that I love dressing up and looking clean, elegant and beautiful thus I love cloths and fashion. If I’m not out alone on solo dates I’m out with my friends and family and most probably enjoying a meal I’ve been craving or trying something new because food is soulful and connects us. I am a very humble bubbly individual who enjoys being in her own skin and embracing her journey. I certainly have a lot to offer.
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  • University: UNISA