Chulumanco Nyamfu

What makes me unique ? I am a very hardworking, dedicated, and diligent young man, who’s always keen to go far & beyond to learn as I am a young man from a disadvantaged background, and want nothing but to elevate myself & family through the opportunities which surface in my life. I am very passionate about my work and also always up for a challenge & learning new things which will broaden my horizon. What do I like ? I like fashion, learning you trends & interacting with people as well as learning new things. I am a good team player & have good leadership skills. What don’t I like ? I don’t like people taking advantage of my kindness & also don’t like sitting around & waiting for things to happen to me as I am a go getter ! What are my hobbies/ favourite sport ? I am a big rugby fan but I’m also versatile & enjoy watching cricket & soccer as I am a sport lover. What do I do during weekends Mostly? Outside this lockdown, I would usually do out with friends during the night / day if there’s an event I’m interested in. During rugby season we’d usually go to Newlands to catch a Stormers game with the gents or just hang around campus with friends doing basically nothing to anything.
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  • University: CPUT
  • Res: Freedom Square 2