Wendy Ngcobo

I am a vibrant, young girl who is woke and socially aware of what is happening around. Socially ingrained with a warm and bright energy. I am intrigued and fascinated about what the digital social space has to offer, especially during these times where we are shifting our focus and networking digitally. I mostly enjoy reading books, to listening to an audio- book, if not creating content and inspo boards for something inspirational to keep my creative juices flowing. Music is a huge part of my life, not a day passes without listening to a feel good jam. I also do modelling and I totally love all things fashion. Personally I am not a fan of negativity as I am always thriving to treasure and capture memories with those I am surrounded with, be it my family, friends to campus mates. To me being a part of a team that helps perpetuate the idea of helping one another and lifting others along the way is something I really value, of which is why volunteering to an organisation that supports and helps in different ways, is something I’d most likely be doing on weekends. What makes me unique, is the fact of being able to infuse my love for music and fashion in such a broader space by helping and inspiring others to do better and be a better version of themselves as it also presents a huge impact, into just challenging myself as well. Making a huge positive impact is one of my daily mission adventures so to say.
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  • University: Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology