location: Cape Town

Bose Balopi

I’m a spontaneous person, play Rugby and Basketball, both nationally. In my free time I’m hitting the books during the day and enjoy the vibe at night. Weekends are where I blow off some steam and go clubbing. What makes me unique? I’m a man of people, a go to man and socially oriented.

Anastasia Koopman

I’m a very outgoing person who enjoys spending time with friends and family. Making memories and living life is my favorite thing to do. My hobbies include camping, hiking and going on drives. I like art, music and nature however I do dislike people who are rude and disrespectful to others. What makes me unique is my ability to adapt to situations and circumstances much easier than most people and this is due to everything I’ve experienced in my life.

Luke Adams

I like playing rugby, gyming, spending time with friends and family. Love food.I like to always dress fashionable. I don’t like people who bully or degrade other people. During the weekends I love spending time with family and experiencing Cape Town’s night life with my friends. What makes me unique is that I always strive to do my best and I’m always open to constructive criticism as well as I’m an extrovert. I can work with other people easily . I like helping out at my neighbourhood soup kitchen and I’m on Varsity College student council.

Tumelo Malebana

I love jogging and exercising. Favourite sport is soccer. I have an online store which keeps me busy by delivering to customers.

Thato Sekano

I love baking and trying out new recipes. I really like investigating and finding new things interesting things at that. I absolutely love playing squash and I enjoy netball. During weekends I enjoy spending my days with friends having fun laughing and making memories. I’m very attentive and I know when I’m not wanted.

Siyabonga Mgobozi

I am a very ambitious well driven second year student. I am studying BA majoring in politics, linguistics and law. I have achieved much and been in jobs where I deal with people to be more precise retail. I am very outgoing spend most of my free time socialising and have a bit me time catching up on Netflix. My personality requires me to know a lot of trends as I am in res leadership and one that is based on culture and entertainment. Surrounding myself with these many students makes me stand out as I am a magnet which is what is mostly required to make sales, by magnet I mean humour, welcoming personality and overall energy that cannot be unmatched.

Gcisa Sokwaliwa

I am a public speaker, trainer, rugby player, and an athlete.

Jessica Randall

I am a keen energetic and passionate individual. I love trying new things and learning how things work. Definitely love meeting new people. I like to read, hang out with friends and watch movies and series. I like going on walks surrounded by nature.

Manyano Zulu

I like dressing up, I love fashion, it gives me such a profound joy that is unexplainable. My hobbies include singing, reading and cooking and that’s if I’m not just unwinding with my favourite series. I am not exactly a fan of sports but if I had to choose one it would definitely be tennis because of the amount of attention it requires as well as the cute little ensembles. On weekends I will most likely be relaxing after a hectic week of academics. What makes me unique would be that there is only one me, that means I’m true to who I am which means there’s just that one vibe that only I can provide and that is something I’d hope every individual would think of themselves.