location: Johannesburg

Mandisa Silawule

I like to think that I am fun person. I enjoy listening to music and creating Playlist while drawing or painting. My weekends are mostly filled with promo jobs and hanging out with friends in my Free-time. I’m definitely someone who is constantly looking for an environment that will challenge me and allow me to step out of my comfort-zone.

Zandile Mkiva

I am an energetic and motivated second year student studying Public Management and Governance at the University of Johannesburg. My hobbies include reading, exercising and listening to music. When I’m not doing any schoolwork I am working on my businesses. My main goal is to be an entrepreneur. I am a natural leader and have always dreamt of running my own businesses. I am a natural leader, have an appreciation for marketing and have already established an online presence. I also have a high level of professionalism, can provide innovative insight, and can gather feedback.

Mulanga Nethamba

I like reading novels, I’m a spoken word poet, a model @RageModels, i like playing tennis and netball for fun, during these pandemic times it’s only safe to stay inside so i binge watch series or make youtube videos if I’m not studying, I’d like to think that I’m funny cause I’m dramatic at times, very dramatic, aside from that i am a very punctual person and i like doing things in order.

Chantel Shabangu

As much as I am a bookworm I love movies and the theatre, be it plays or comedy, I am drawn to art in every form. I spend most of free time outside my studies watching movies, reading a book I’ve been dying to get my hands on, trying out an adventure I’ve marked on my yearly bucket list on adventures to try out. 2020 unfortunately robbed my of my skydiving to do adventure however I am still young and energetic and believe that I can still fulfil these promises to myself. I love debating about socioeconomic and political issues with my friends, family and school mates, I believe as young people we need to always have meaningful conversations to broaden our knowledge, understanding and unlock a sense of interest in current affairs that affect our lives and those of the communities we were brought up. I spend a significant amount of time at church, being brought up with religious values. Besides that I love dressing up and looking clean, elegant and beautiful thus I love cloths and fashion. If I’m not out alone on solo dates I’m out with my friends and family and most probably enjoying a meal I’ve been craving or trying something new because food is soulful and connects us. I am a very humble bubbly individual who enjoys being in her own skin and embracing her journey. I certainly have a lot to offer.

Nkosinathi Diketane

I enjoy reading and socializing with people at large. I also like being active on social media. I’m more of an introvert with good taste in music, art and literature.

Mpidiseng Mohlaba

I spend most of listening to music and practicing monologues. I’m a hip-hop artist and recently started a journey of becoming a social media influencer.

Maligana Murabi

I am an int-extrovert, someone who loves interacting with people but not at first sight, I am a person who loves swimming and Watching reality TV shows, I’m also a lover of food, so basically I love cooking, during the weekends, I’m usually resting from the week workload. I’d like to classify myself as unique as I am a lover of people.

Precious Skhosana

I’m an introvert, trying to balance both my social and private life. I want to try out new things and I would definitely use something to keep me busy anything that will benefit and enhance me as a young woman. I love and enjoy my own company. I’m a sport person and i netball for fun and fitness. Normally I would spend my weekends indoors studying, catching up and binging on movies on other days I would go out for lunch/movies with close friends. I like to believe that my uniqueness comes from My ability to achieve everything I put my mind into it and that I’m the strongest person I know.  

Nakedi Malesa

I love playing sports, I play netball for my residence and touch rugby (my favourite sport) for Eastern Touch Association. I’m also a referee. If it were not for corona, I would have been training to ref the Inter-provincial Touch rugby tournament, which happens every year in September. I’m an ambitious person and one day, I would love to represent South Africa as both a player and referee. My ideal way of spending my weekends, is relaxing from the week that I spent on doing school work, go out with my friends for happy hour at Cocoa Wah Wah or even spend my weekend in my room, catching up on all my fave series. I train on Sundays, so I make sure that I do anything and everything on Fridays and Saturdays so I can spend Sunday dedicated to either playing touch or netball, depending on the season. What makes me unique are my interests and the type of person that I am. I love dressing up, it’s always fashion week for me whenever I go to school or even out. I love putting clothes together and because of my sense of style, people get shocked when I tell them that I’m an engineering student. I’m an extrovert that loves to be around people, I love talking. I am such a colorful person, so people will always feel my presence. I am sweet, kind, loving and just enjoy living. Which is why I really miss life before corona, because being around people helps me with being myself more.