location: KZN

Nonkcubeko Madikizela

I am Nonkcubeko Madikizela a 21 year old DUT student, I like working with people, I do play netball and cooperation is the key, I love watching Fashion TV and also I love taking pictures alot. On weekends I am always indoors working on my school work and go out meet my friends. What makes me unique from othera is that I am me, I am a very good communicator, I love working with people from different placea, I love meeting new people amd make friends, I find it easy to relate to others. Introducing people to a business is my charismatic, talking about business introducing business to others is what I like the most and also workong hard is on my vains.

Mpilenhle Hadebe

I love sport! Specifically netball and soccer. I have a small circle but it’s always fun to meet new people. I like to enjoy the moment. I’m goofy/random but when I need to be serious I am. If you want to binge watch animated movies/series count me in.

Thobani Khumalo

-I’m a huge fan of music and I enjoy being around spaces where I get to network with people and do team building activities. -Hobbies: Tennis, chess and volunteering part time. -Sports I enjoy: soccer, basketball and rugby. -On weekends I usually take a break from my studies and sometimes go out with friends/ go for tennis practice. – What makes me unique: I’m always keen on acquiring new skills. The skills I currently have are digital designs (including a certification in digital marketing from google), professional public speaker( Toastmasters member with a 3 year professional speaking experience). I’ve also been a tutor since high school so I’m quite good in working and engaging with people.

Wendy Ngcobo

I am a vibrant, young girl who is woke and socially aware of what is happening around. Socially ingrained with a warm and bright energy. I am intrigued and fascinated about what the digital social space has to offer, especially during these times where we are shifting our focus and networking digitally. I mostly enjoy reading books, to listening to an audio- book, if not creating content and inspo boards for something inspirational to keep my creative juices flowing. Music is a huge part of my life, not a day passes without listening to a feel good jam. I also do modelling and I totally love all things fashion. Personally I am not a fan of negativity as I am always thriving to treasure and capture memories with those I am surrounded with, be it my family, friends to campus mates. To me being a part of a team that helps perpetuate the idea of helping one another and lifting others along the way is something I really value, of which is why volunteering to an organisation that supports and helps in different ways, is something I’d most likely be doing on weekends. What makes me unique, is the fact of being able to infuse my love for music and fashion in such a broader space by helping and inspiring others to do better and be a better version of themselves as it also presents a huge impact, into just challenging myself as well. Making a huge positive impact is one of my daily mission adventures so to say.

Nokukhanya Faya

I’m a very extrovert person who believes anything is possible with God. I’m a good listener and very communicative. I enjoy playing netball and keeping fit, I usually spend my weekends reading books or watching movies or going out with friends to catch up. There’s one thing that makes me unique, even in my lowest I always keep smiling.

Nokulunga Mbina

I love binge watching my series and reading occasionally. On the weekends, I’m usually at a mates or out. I’m confident and a well spoken person. I’m a fast learner and have a lot of patience and I’ve been told I’m “chilled” by my grade 9 kids, as I was a prefect when I was in High School.

Zizipho Momoza

I like Shopping and reading books. Also being around people makes me excited ????. I enjoy watching soccer. On weekends I hang out with friends. What makes me unique is that I am a very good communicator and I find it easy to relate to other people.