location: Pretoria

Kgaugelo Selane

Dancer at heart , very friendly and bubbly. Always down for indoor vibes with great energy,people and music.

Nobuhle Nyembe

Hey Fam! Well, I really don’t know where to start, I am a very happy human being, who loves brining out the best in other people and I produce positive energy. When I say I am a happy human being, I really am, I am bubbly and super energetic(blushes). What I do on weekends is literally just chill with my roommate, I also try new food recipes that I find online. I enjoy watching basketball(the NBA). I also like window shopping(the cost of living to buy is too high ey) I also try going to the gym at least 4 times a week. I really don’t like grumpy moody people. I don’t understand people who wake up and feel like being mean to other people. Oh and I also hate bad service, of anything. From a restaurant to a clothing shop to anything that has service, if it’s bad I tell them. And lastly , I appreciate the smallest things that life brings to me. I’m just grateful everyday to be alive, I believe in myself and I believe that the only person who can get me what I want is me, I believe that if you want something, you should go get it cause no one else will do it for you. And that’s about it.

Khomotso Matemotsa

I’m a very patient, and passionate person who loves order. I enjoy taking walks, playing touch rugby with my siblings and just being in touch with nature. I play netball, and I also watch a lot of Rugby and soccer. I enjoy connecting with friends over the weekend and meeting new people when I can. What makes me Unique is that I’m very understanding and patient with everyone around me and I make it a point to meet someone new as often as I can. It’s like a goal. An achievement worth celebrating because I used to be extremely shy.

Ashlee Luckhun

They say dynamite comes in small packages and that definitely encapsulates who I am, effervescent, intriguing and always packing a punch! I love a good game of golf or tennis with my friends and family but when I’m not outside, you’ll find me inside whipping something in the kitchen and getting ready to binge my favourite Netflix shows and chic flick movies. On weekends you will find me out in nature or simply enjoying a good book. I love interacting and meeting new people and sharing my energy with them. I enjoy day festivals and night festivals. Always ready to dress and look good. I’m definitely a proud Chakra hun, energies never lie.

Keitumetse Mashaba

I love shopping and taking pictures with my new fits, enjoy playing netball and what makes me unique is that a lot of people keep saying that I’ve got this “fire” in my soul that brings out the best in others and makes them have more interest in getting to know me better.

Nontokozo Chantel Hlongwane

I am a young women who is very self driven, I believe that one has to work hard and expose themselves to different opportunities which will enhance their knowledge and growth. My hobbies is reading books (motivational books); taking pictures; socializing with different people which challenges my intelligence. On a weekend I prefer chilling, give myself that self care needed, great music, have fun or go out and explore!

Oregolele Dibakwane

I love studying, reading, learning new things, anything that involves academics.On weekends I’m mostly with my friends, catching up or even going out for lunch.I extremely love soccer.