location: Stellenbosch

Mia Cookson

I am Mia Cookson a young adult trying to find her feet in a new adulting season of her life. I love the simple things in life, that gives life meaning. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, jogging and outside life, reading a good book with a great cup of coffee and good atmosphere. The only thing I don’t like is negativity. I am a young lady with a unstoppable desire for success, independence and to not limit myself with any capabilities. I am goal driven, hard working and just blazing through the learning curbs that this new season of my life has to over. I am content with who I am and I am fully aware of my power and my defaults. I believe working for everything you want and to challenge yourself. I am currently looking for ways to pay my parents back for my studies and hopefully help with my second year as well. My motto is that you can do anything you put your mind to and that the world owes you nothing, fear wil get you no where and if you scared do it because you scared. I refuse to ever expect anything to fall on my lap or on a silver platter and that’s what makes me different, my drive and also being aware of reality.

Annett Molele

I love going out for tea with friends, I’m not an alcohol person. I love socializing and exploring the world,I’m an adventurous person. My sweet and fun personality makes me unique and my smile as well.

Xongile Masungwini

I am outgoing, love meeting new people and I enjoy the outdoor as a result I use my weekends to do exactly that which is being out and about exploring new things ,places and experiences with my friends( it is quite obvious Covid 19 has taken a toll on me). I enjoy reading ,cooking, shopping and thanks to varsity vibe for making my experience each time even sweeter. I also like watching series as a coping mechanism when school hits me hard and Youtube is a personal favourite too. I have also recently decided to get into fitness and its quite a challenging experience however I am always up for the challenge. What makes me standout is that I am multilingual, flexible and easygoing which allows me to get along with others quite easily.

Sanda Dwayi

I am a creative individual who enjoys planning events. My hobbies include making playlists. I also think I am lowkey a mixologist, so I regularly come up with different concoctions. My weekends are dedicated to self care and ticking off my bucket list. My favourite activities that I have ticked off so far are attending concerts and wine tasting. Things that I appreciate is when people compliment me/ each other, I think it’s a satisfying feeling.

Andrew Mbulwana

In terms of sports, I occasionally go for a jog, I play soccer for res at university and play local friendlies when I am at home and I follow/watch it more than I should. My other hobby is music and writing but due to school demand I then had to put that aside but I still have many friends/acquaintances in the ‘local artist’ space. I like keeping order around me a lot. On weekends I normally visit a friend or two to catch up socially but most of the time due to covid-19 you would find me at home on my screen, bed or television.

Andiswa Mkhize

My name is Andiswa Mkhize, and I am doing my second year in BA International Studies. I am a bubbly individual who loves people and learning new things. I’m a lover of long walks on the beach and finding new restaurant destinations. You could say “dynamite comes in small packages” when referring to my personality