Introducing Burger King’s new Hot Chilli Lover

You know how sometimes you have an experience (good or bad) and you just can’t stop that SJOE! from coming out of your mouth?

Yeah, Burger King’s new Hot Chilli Lover with TOBASCO® Sauce is definitely the right kind of SJOE!

Here’s what Burger King means:
Picture a burger that’s got all the best of Burger King® – the crisp, the fresh, the tasty the cheesy – and then combine that with jalapeños, some seriously angry onions, a red chilli bun AND a sauce created by the king of spice itself, TABASCO®! What do you get? Spicy, but like with a sexy upgrade! It’s also the reason you’ll be saying ‘SJOE!’ Or ‘Sho!’ Or ‘Shuuu!’ But in the good way!

 Get it in beef, double beef, or chicken PLUS get 25% OFF your order at ANY Burger King store nationwide!