Introducing the Varsity Vibe Team

From student to marketing manager, meet Donna Leigh Mohamed, Varsity Vibe’s energetic voice and female powerhouse.

Donna Leigh Mohamed is the energetic voice and marketing manager of Varsity Vibe. Her journey with the company began when she was 18 years old, as a first-year student at the University of Cape Town. She was eager to join her first student society, which happened to be Ikeys Vibe, which later became Varsity Vibe. Her creative nuance and persistent spirit as a student lead her to create a marketing campaign for Varsity Vibe, which resulted in her landing an internship with the company as part of the marketing department in 2017.  

Since then, Mohamed has worked her way up to head the marketing team, forming a vital and strategic cog in the tech-based company’s engine.
She has been able to apply her deep understanding of Gen-Z and varsity culture by developing creative and tactical marketing campaigns that boost the popularity of Varsity Vibe within the student scene. Through regular engagement on Varsity Vibe’s social media channels, Mohamed’s efforts have cemented Varsity Vibe as an essential part of navigating student life in South Africa.

“Looking back at my student life and the start of my career, it has been incredible to be part of a company that has grown as I have grown. I am really glad that I took those initial steps to join Varsity Vibe as a student. It opened doors I never imagined, and I am grateful that I can be part of an organisation that really looks out for students and gives them access to a host of deals and discounts that help improve their day-to-day lives,” says Mohamed.

Donna’s first marketing campaign pitch as a student featured a “day in the life of a student” video, demonstrating all the ways in which Varsity Vibe’s deals featured in her day. Today, she finds herself strategising similar influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations for Varsity Vibe’s Partners. As the country celebrates Women’s Month this August, it is wonderful to see a young female leader such as Mohamed, taking charge of not only the marketing space but the tech industry at large. The industry is still very much male dominated and Donna hopes to inspire other young female South Africans to get involved in technology and innovation.

Donna with the on-campus team during her internship year at Varsity Vibe.

“I really believe that there are many great opportunities for women who want to get involved in this arena. We have so much to bring to the table, and the time is now to have our voices and ideas heard… I have been lucky to have the continued support of the Varsity Vibe team as I grow in this space. Therefore, it is part of my mission to extend this support to others, and help enable young women to chase their dreams. I hope that through my role with Varsity Vibe, I can help inspire young female students who dream of a career in tech” says Mohamed.  

Donna hopes to continue to develop Varsity Vibe beyond a discount app and create a community for students, a universal ‘society/club’ for tertiary students all over SA: “I really believe we have the opportunity to address the vital societal needs of students across the country. Our app extends far beyond discounts and deals, we want to help empower young people to take ownership of their future and give them the platform to succeed”.

About Varsity Vibe

 Varsity Vibe is South Africa’s first dedicated student discount app, available to students at universities and colleges around the country. Offering students deals and discounts that are relevant to them and their needs, this pioneering tech-based company is truly tapped into the youth market.