Welcome The Intern to the VV family!

The Intern specializes in the synergistic matching and connecting of interns to companies and helping businesses grow whilst developing the next generation for a brighter future.

Transitioning from university into the world of work can be tumultuous and often overwhelming. Expectations shift, mindsets transform, and one realises how little one actually knows. The Intern bridges the gap between a theoretical education system and work, cultivates critical skills, and provides young up-and-comers professional network growth. It equips their people, one human at a time, with invaluable work experience that can be the catalyst for a successful and impactful career.

The Intern also focus on the holistic experience from the moment of receiving application, by helping you improve on your CV and cover letter and can give you tips on your interview skills. It is their ethos to provide a support structure for you throughout the experience through skills development, an emotional intelligence platform, a mentorship programme and a peer network

Their mission is to develop their people and cultivate innovative businesses that are part of the solution.

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The Intern is looking forward to having you be part of their family!