Welcome to South Africa’s brand-new airline, LIFT to the VV Family!

LIFT and Varsity Vibe have teamed up to give students an awesome discount on flights!

Being a student, living in these uncertain times makes it super difficult to plan our lives – let alone our travels. When it comes to keeping up with life’s unexpected detours‚ the last thing anyone needs is unnecessary admin or costs.
 Enjoy flexible air travel from LIFT. And no‚ they’re not just talking about selecting your seats or baggage preferences. They are talking about the stuff that really counts. 
Flights can be changed multiple times or cancelled at any time! Need to change traveller name details? No problem.

Changes made 24 hours or more in advance‚ come at no additional fees or penalties. If the fare for your newly selected flight is higher‚ you’ll just need to pay the difference. If it’s lower‚ they’ll credit you!
Enjoy complimentary Vida coffee and local wines from DGB wines on your LIFT flight.
These always pair perfectly with Grumpy Snacks, which we can assure you, will leave you feeling anything but grumpy! 

LIFT understands the need for flexibility, especially as a student! So head on over to Varsity Vibe app to redeem your discount code, Get 20% OFF your base fare LIFT flights and get ready for LIFT-OFF.
Deal only valid until 31 March 2021 so book anytime in March and fly anytime in 2021!

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