Welcome to Volkswagen’s first night driving safety course!

In South Africa, 55% of road fatalities happen at night. With the heightened risk at night, why do we only learn how to drive during the day?

Introducing Volkswagen Night School, the first night driving safety course.

Volkswagen is on a mission to develop solutions that help make the roads safer for everyone. The curriculum has been developed with Volkswagen Advanced Driving, to help South African drivers become more capable and confident when driving at night. It’s completely free and open to all – no matter the car you drive. 

The curriculum consists of six modules covering chapters such a visibility, fatigue, safety, weather conditions, and other factors that compromise our ability to navigate the roads safely after dark. When you complete and pass the tests for the whole course, you’ll receive a Night Driver certificate and stand a chance to get rewards.

Be a safety plug for you and your crew and let’s make the road safer for everyone. Enrol in Volkswagen Night School today.