Welcome Varsity-Days to the VV family!

The Varsity-Days programme enables you to raise funds for your education, simply by shopping at Varsity-Days partners. Plus, you’ll still earn your normal retailer loyalty points too and you’ll also benefit from exclusive member discounts and promotions.

The Varsity-Days programme is aimed at giving varsity students the opportunity to earn Edu-Time Points (ETPs) to help pay towards their varsity fees.

Dis-Chem was one of the first Varsity-Days partners and remains one of their core earning opportunities for Varsity-Days members. They continue to grow their portfolio of partners to provide their members with more ways to earn ETPs. Their partners include exciting brands such as NetFlorist, Booking.com and more.

How it works

1.  Join Varsity-Days online or download the Varsity-Days app to help pay your fees and make a difference to education in South Africa, at no additional cost to you!
2. Earn Varsity-Days Edu-Time Points (ETPs) which is their ‘currency’. 1 ETP = R1.
3.  Log in to your profile or download the Varsity-Days app to track your contributions to your beneficiary.
4.  Redeem your ETPs to pay your fees at your varsity or college.