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When the cracks begin to show

weFix is giving you 10% OFF any repairs on your device. Your phone does not need to live through the after effects of Decembering in March anymore, the month of love may be over but hey they’re more than just repairers, they fix broken hearts too.

Dress your Tech

Dress your tech to match your vibe from cool Casetify to sophisticated Mujjo cases. Our 10% OFF accessories deal is just WILD!! Yes, VV members get 10% OFF accessories at weFix

You can turn it up with headsets from Skullcandy and cover up with Casetify’s super hot cases, there’s plenty of options for you.

Refurbs so hot right now

weFix is all about conscious consumerism and offering  customers great quality tech at affordable prices. They believe in the infinite possibilities of this era where AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY can empower anyone with curiosity, gifting them with UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY for growth and self advancement. 

Refurb is all about taking someone’s once adored item, loving it back to it’s most beautiful state and guaranteeing it’s ready for the next. Get 10% OFF any pre-Loved iPhones, iPads and Macbooks.

Switch your old tech into cash

They won’t leave you empty handed, not with their weSwitch Trade-In programme. They’ll give you the best price for your used, old or broken device PLUS you’ll get 15% OFF any of their Pre-Loved devices when you trade-in. #iaintbrokenomore.

weFix  believes in the power of the circular economy, making the world a better place. They strive to make it better for their customers.

One repair, sale and trade-in at a time!