With December vac around the corner, loads of students are planning road trips. Whether it’s just getting home from varsity or an adventure with mates – it’s great to get out and about after a long semester. Road trips can be great but also a pain without the right planning. Good news: Tiger Wheel & Tyre is here to help!

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is offering a FREE vehicle safety check to you, allowing you to drive away knowing your car is ready for the journey ahead. The FREE vehicle safety check includes:

Tyre Inspection – Tiger Wheel & Tyre professionals will analyse the tyre pressure, wear on each tyre and tread depth, to make sure it’s within South African legal limits.

Battery Test – The Tiger Wheel & Tyre experts will carry out a battery check and test its power capacity before you hit the road.

Wiper Blades Inspection – For clear visibility and for your safety, a Tiger Wheel & Tyre professional will inspect your wiper blades. 

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AND THEN take a further 5% OFF the overall invoice*

Head to your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre store today.