location: Cape Town

Manyano Zulu

I like dressing up, I love fashion, it gives me such a profound joy that is unexplainable. My hobbies include singing, reading and cooking and that’s if I’m not just unwinding with my favourite series. I am not exactly a fan of sports but if I had to choose one it would definitely be tennis because of the amount of attention it requires as well as the cute little ensembles. On weekends I will most likely be relaxing after a hectic week of academics. What makes me unique would be that there is only one me, that means I’m true to who I am which means there’s just that one vibe that only I can provide and that is something I’d hope every individual would think of themselves.

Sihle Mkalipi

I’m a very cheerful, talkative individual. I love reading, dressing up and make up. I’ve been playing basketball for 14 years, I enjoy very much.

Chulumanco Nyamfu

What makes me unique ? I am a very hardworking, dedicated, and diligent young man, who’s always keen to go far & beyond to learn as I am a young man from a disadvantaged background, and want nothing but to elevate myself & family through the opportunities which surface in my life. I am very passionate about my work and also always up for a challenge & learning new things which will broaden my horizon. What do I like ? I like fashion, learning you trends & interacting with people as well as learning new things. I am a good team player & have good leadership skills. What don’t I like ? I don’t like people taking advantage of my kindness & also don’t like sitting around & waiting for things to happen to me as I am a go getter ! What are my hobbies/ favourite sport ? I am a big rugby fan but I’m also versatile & enjoy watching cricket & soccer as I am a sport lover. What do I do during weekends Mostly? Outside this lockdown, I would usually do out with friends during the night / day if there’s an event I’m interested in. During rugby season we’d usually go to Newlands to catch a Stormers game with the gents or just hang around campus with friends doing basically nothing to anything.

Imtiaz Isaacs

I like creating things that look cool. When I have time on my hands I’d always feel inspired by almost everything and I’d try to create it even better. I’m obsessed with photoshop and teaching things to myself. I taught myself to play the guitar. I love singing too, and musicals. I played hockey in primary school as well as high school. I like reading and focusing on my health.

Faith Mafuya

I like to go shopping and eating out with friends. I also like to go to gym sometimes. I also like to go and watch rugby matches on campus when they are on. I like festivals as well especially the National Arts in Grahamstown.

Motheo Selebedi

I’m a creative artist ????. I love drawing, photography, dancing and anything else that has me creating something. I always try to keep an open mind and willing to try anything that I find intriguing. I truly believe that knowledge is power and I try to be superior to my former self. I read and I like watching series, however I am very picky when it comes to what I read/watch. I’m not a fan of movies ????, I like character development and plot twists/reveals and movies don’t normally do those well enough. I’m also trying out this fitness thing ????.  

Nakedi Malesa

I love playing sports, I play netball for my residence and touch rugby (my favourite sport) for Eastern Touch Association. I’m also a referee. If it were not for corona, I would have been training to ref the Inter-provincial Touch rugby tournament, which happens every year in September. I’m an ambitious person and one day, I would love to represent South Africa as both a player and referee. My ideal way of spending my weekends, is relaxing from the week that I spent on doing school work, go out with my friends for happy hour at Cocoa Wah Wah or even spend my weekend in my room, catching up on all my fave series. I train on Sundays, so I make sure that I do anything and everything on Fridays and Saturdays so I can spend Sunday dedicated to either playing touch or netball, depending on the season. What makes me unique are my interests and the type of person that I am. I love dressing up, it’s always fashion week for me whenever I go to school or even out. I love putting clothes together and because of my sense of style, people get shocked when I tell them that I’m an engineering student. I’m an extrovert that loves to be around people, I love talking. I am such a colorful person, so people will always feel my presence. I am sweet, kind, loving and just enjoy living. Which is why I really miss life before corona, because being around people helps me with being myself more.

Astin Leigh Solomons

I am dedicated and honest person who enjoys exploring food places and being around my friends. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, people and my myself.   On weekends I’m usually at home and occasionally go to the shops. What makes me unique is I’ll always do my best to make life easier for someone and help someone where I can. I have lots of patience when it comes to people and I make sure that something is always done properly, no matter what it is.

Rohma Booley

I’m in the gym every morning early before lectures. I’m a lover of soccer and have a special place in my heart for the black ferns 7s team even though I know nothing about rugby. My hobby is photography but it’s also a business if that makes sense. I always binge watch series while editing my photos.