location: Johannesburg

Nakedi Malesa

I love playing sports, I play netball for my residence and touch rugby (my favourite sport) for Eastern Touch Association. I’m also a referee. If it were not for corona, I would have been training to ref the Inter-provincial Touch rugby tournament, which happens every year in September. I’m an ambitious person and one day, I would love to represent South Africa as both a player and referee. My ideal way of spending my weekends, is relaxing from the week that I spent on doing school work, go out with my friends for happy hour at Cocoa Wah Wah or even spend my weekend in my room, catching up on all my fave series. I train on Sundays, so I make sure that I do anything and everything on Fridays and Saturdays so I can spend Sunday dedicated to either playing touch or netball, depending on the season. What makes me unique are my interests and the type of person that I am. I love dressing up, it’s always fashion week for me whenever I go to school or even out. I love putting clothes together and because of my sense of style, people get shocked when I tell them that I’m an engineering student. I’m an extrovert that loves to be around people, I love talking. I am such a colorful person, so people will always feel my presence. I am sweet, kind, loving and just enjoy living. Which is why I really miss life before corona, because being around people helps me with being myself more.

Bonga Chepkonga

I’m currently a Tuks 1 cricket player and enjoy going out and spending time with mates during my free time but I also enjoy me time, listening to music or getting sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole. On the weekends I enjoy watching the football and rugby with the lads or hitting the strip when I’m not behind my books. I’m probably known to be able to fall asleep anywhere and at anytime which is probably my most unique talent.

Alfah Lubisi

I’m an extrovert person, I like making people laugh and I also love fashion. I enjoy coding on my free time and also watching soccer. On the weekend it’s either I’m watching movies on my own or going out with my friends. What makes me unique is that I believe I connect with everyone, I’m able to talk my way through anything.

Mandla Ndlovu

I am a person who loves learning new things everyday. I like coding, shopping, taking pictures, making friends m. I work hard and I Carry our my roles and responsibilities very well. What I don’t like is working with people who cannot work with others as a team. I most likely be studying, hang out with friends on weekends or working in part time jobs I get.My hobbies are creating new programs, playing soccer, cooking, going to the gym, playing chess and design clothing. I enjoy watching soccer and boxing. What makes me unique is that I am a person of many talents everyday I meet people who teach me unique things and I get the chance to teach others. I am a good listener and a lot of people find it easier to talk to me and J have great communication skills . I am kind and positive all the time.

Angela Nkadimeng

I am a peoples person so talking and socializing for me comes natural I like going out a lot trying new things I like readings and working out

Ashleigh Mabaire

I am a confident outgoing young lady with a tremendous zest for life. I like to cook and bake, model, dance (specifically contemporary) , and play sport ( I play hockey and squash). I also like to learn new things and I am very intrigued by the world of I.T.. I do not like disorder (neat freak vibes). I am a very social person. I am a good public speaker (I am well-spoken and know how to communicate my opinions clearly in a respectful way) What makes me unique is that I am an all rounder. I love to participate in a variety of activities and because I am dedicated and determined, I always give my all. I am able to thrive in whatever environment I am in. I am reliable and responsible and I tackle new challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

Dakalo Mavunga

Im Deekay, Im a student teacher at UJ, Im outgoing and i have a great sense of humour.  

Palesa Sibanyoni

A ray of sunshine. A social butterfly. Ever-smiling. That’s who I am. I’m a fun-spirited person who loves interacting with others, meeting new people regularly and who adapts to any social environment. I love experiencing new things and so I’m not intimidated by challenges thrown at me, in fact, I love coming across challenges as I believe that those will help unleash my full potential. I’m a very talkative person, who loves being around friends and family and if I’m not occupied with that, then I’m occupied with school-related tasks such as assignments.

Leandri Du Plessis

I am a fun life loving person. I enjoy reading and writing, looking at the stars and long walks (cliché I know). I love maths but I also enjoy picking up a paintbrush every once in a while. I love smiling and making other people smile. I am a silly person and fun to be around.